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Unique Wedding Table Number Inspiration

We went hunting for a little wedding table number inspiration and weren’t disappointed. Here are some fantastic ideas for wedding reception table numbers that aren’t just plain old table numbers!

Rustic jars of fresh roses

Hand-painted, distressed and sealed, these Mason jars come in sets of three and will be customised to match your colour themes and can be coated in burlop and/or jute, as well as words and numbers.

Laser-cut letters

Don’t these laser-cut table numbers by Bluebelle Studio look great? And best of all, they’ll customise them to suit your wedding colours and theme.

Rustic charm

Did somebody say rustic? These wooden block table numbers by One BIg Day Event Hire will perfectly suit your rustic or boho wedding.

Message in a bottle

You won’t find these message-in-a-bottles by Keen Eye Designz washed up on the beach. Instead they make a super cute wedding table number that will have your guests talking.

Blackboard painted pots

Doubling as a table centrepiece and table number, these cute terracotta plant pots house a darling succulent, but have been coated in a blackboard paint allowing couples to write anything they want, from a quote or a greeting to the names of those seated at the table and, of course, the table number!

Timber table runners

Well, this is clever. Instead of using standard cloth table runners, why not make or buy wooden ones with the table numbers marked at the plank’s two ends? You can decorate it with flowers, centrepieces or bottles of champagne! It’s definitely something a little different.

Pop art

Talk about a little ‘comic’ fun, these retro-inspired Kapow-style table numbers can be made up to match any wedding colour scheme. The odd table numbers come in one design, while the even table numbers come in another. They measure 12.7 X 27.95 and, once designed to match your colour scheme, will be sent as a pdf so that you can get them printed up locally.

Hessian wine holders

Hessian bags denoting your table numbers are perfect for a rustic or country-themed wedding and will go down even better if they’re filled with a bottle of something delicious everyone at the table can enjoy while toasting your new marriage.

Some Alternative Wedding Food

These alternative wedding food options will be sure to delight your guests.

A Latino feast

No doubt you’ve probably enjoyed tacos and other Latino treats at home or at a restaurant, but as wedding food they aren’t quite so common. Tacos makes great alternative wedding food because they can be eaten sitting or standing, they can include many different fillings (great for people with dietary requirements) and they are easy to prepare. Delicio

Profiterole wedding cake

Here’s a variation on your wedding cake that you may not have thought of. While the cutting-of-the-cake ceremony may prove a little less exciting, guests will have no complaints about going home with one of these delicious cream filled pastries.

Save the Date biscuits

What a genius idea. Rather than sending out save the date cards, try sending out save-the-date biscuits that look like a calendar marked with the date of their wedding as this bride did. Clever and delicious.


If you’re a true ice cream lover, why not enjoy it on the happiest day of your life? For something more out-there, this American company serves mouth-watering flavour combinations in the shape of a rose. How sweet!

A doughnut wall

Well, this is our idea of heaven, a whole wall of doughnuts: chocolate doughnuts, plain doughnuts, doughnuts sprinkled with icing, chocolate chips and sprinkles. Need we say more?

An ice fountain

Whether just for decoration – or to actually keep your drinks icy cool, ice fountains are a modern twist on the humble ice sculpture and they can be created to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

‘Interactive’ food

Allow your guests to ‘build’ their own food and beverages. Be it a hamburger they build according to their personal preferences, or a cocktail station where they can mix their own drinks, the idea of ‘interactive’ will add a touch of the novel.

Seasoning… is in season?

Salt and pepper may be the seasoning of choice, but why not take your seasoinings to the next level with a seasoning bar for various foods. From differnet types of salt and sugars for desserts to a variety of spreads and sauces (everything from chutneys to aioli),

Comfort food…

Warm and welcoming food that reminds you of the lovely times in life is starting to appear on the wedding reception menus of couples across the globe. They’re hardly conventional wedding food, but does it matter? Some couples are even serving milk and chocolate chip biscuits alongside the tea and coffee.

Information About 10 Brides Share Their Most Annoying Bridesmaid Moments

They may be your besties but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. We talked to dozens of brides about what things their beloved bridesmaids did that annoyed them and here are the very surprising answers.

“I love my bridesmaids. That’s why I asked them to stand with me on my wedding day but they didn’t like each other so much. They spent most of the 12 months we spent planning the wedding talking behind each others’ backs and fighting. They thought I didn’t know but I did and it really spoiled what should have been a fantastic bonding time.”
– Jo: Sydney

“One of my bridesmaids kept putting pictures up on social media and using my wedding hashtag! It upset me so much that everything I was planning was online before I’d even made a decision about it. And I hated that anyone watching our hashtag would have seen all the little things before the wedding like the colour scheme and cake toppers. She even posted a picture of her trying on her bridesmaid dress.”
– Melanie: Toowoomba

“My sister and Maid of Honour took the whole “support the bride” thing a little too far. She basically ran the entire wedding planning process. It was my fault because she’s my big sister and I couldn’t stand up to her but I’m not joking when I say that I was lucky I even got to choose my own wedding dress!”
– Ruth-Anne: Melbourne

“No matter what I did, I couldn’t get hold of one of my bridesmaids. We had a WhatsApp group set up, emails, Google Docs and a private Facebook group yet there were times when I had to wait days and days and days to hear back for the simplest question. If you’re going to be a bridesmaid, please be contactable!”
– Jenny: Adelaide

“I tried to be accommodating about the bridesmaid dresses but one of my bridesmaids could not be pleased. We tried on about a dozen dresses and she flat out refused every single one of them because of something tiny that nobody else would notice like she didn’t like the shape and colour on the zipper on one of the dresses (it was hidden) or she thought that the thickness of the ribbons on the dress straps didn’t flatter her shoulders. I seriously think she forgot that she was a bridesmaid and not the bride!”
– Anna: Melbourne

“One of my bridesmaids was obsessed with losing weight for the wedding but the problem was that she didn’t only worry about her own weight. Every time she saw me eating something, she’d roll her eyes and say something about me not being able to fit into my wedding dress. That wasn’t just annoying, it was downright rude.”
– Jewel: Canberra

“My best friend is a man and he refused to be in my side of the bridal party. He said he would be too embarrassed to break with tradition. He said he was happy to be in my fiance’s part of the bridal party but that he just couldn’t be a ‘bridesmale. I do understand but it would have been nice if he was standing by my side while I said my vows. ”
– Tanya: Ipswich

“I paid for all my bridesmaids’ dresses, but one of my bridesmaids wouldn’t stop bargaining at every shop we went to. I know she was just trying to keep my costs down but it was really embarrassing and she kept doing it even though I told her not to worry about price and that I had it covered.”
– Jocelyn: Mildura

“I told my bridesmaids they could choose their own bridesmaid dresses. My only rule was that they wear a shade of green. One of my bridesmaids, an old friend from University, kept putting it off. I wasn’t worried because she works in fashion and has excellent taste but it was only on the weekend before my wedding that she finally showed me the dress she picked. It was blue. Bright blue. The thing is, she’s a bit funny with colours so she actually did think it was green or aqua or something. We had enough time to change it but it was a stress I just didn’t need less than a week before my wedding day.”
– Mary-Anne: Melbourne

“One of my bridesmaids just didn’t listen. I’d have to repeat instructions so many times and she’s still get things wrong. I even printed out instructions for her and she lost them! She even reconfirmed my wedding day the week before the wedding. All she needed was a pen and a piece of paper but she just wouldn’t write anything down. I honestly thought she might not turn up on the wedding day because she may not know what day it was!”
– Maddy: Perth

Know More About Unspoken Rules of Being A Bridesmaid

What does being a bridesmaid mean to you? Being supportive?Helping with the wedding planning? Standing by her side on her big day? Yes – these are all important. But there are some unspoken rules of being a bridesmaid that you may not be aware of. Here are eight of them.

Don’t say ‘yes’ if you’re not going to be able to do the job
This really should go without saying. Being a bridesmaid is about more than just dressing up in a pretty gown. It’s about the preparation before the wedding day. It’s about helping the bride with any tasks she needs completed and organising things like the hen’s night. If you’re not going to have time to help out with these things then don’t say ‘yes’ no matter how flattered or excited you are to be asked.

Be responsive
Being a bridesmaid requires being available at all hours. Yes, it’s not entirely reasonable but it’s the truth. You’re one of the bride’s most trusted friends and family members and she will call on you, sometimes at odd hours or when you’re busy doing something that isn’t related to the wedding so if she calls you or texts you or emails you or WhatsApps you, respond! Don’t make her wait days for a response to her text about whether you can pick up Uncle Bob from the airport two days before the wedding. If you can’t do it, say no but tell her asap.

Don’t do the social media thing (without her permission)
You may be the queen of Insta but showing behind the scenes of her wedding just isn’t on. Yes that picture of you trying on bridesmaids dresses may be like worthy but the bride may not want anyone knowing anything about her big day including what the bridesmaids dresses may look like. Don’t post anything wedding related without checking with your boss bride.

Be prepared to spend some of your money
Who pays for the bridesmaids dresses is a contentious topic and every couple has their own view on it but no matter who is paying for wedding related items, you are going to end up spending money to be a bridesmaid. You may have to pick up bits and pieces for the bride’s pet DIY project or pay for the pizzas at the hen’s night and, realistically, are you going to ask the bride for her credit card to cover these costs? Most brides are wonderful when it comes to expenses but us bridesmaids also want to help out but only if we can’t afford to.

Be a shoulder to lean on
Wedding planning is stressful and it sometimes doesn’t bring out the best in your bride so, unless she’s acting axe-wielding crazy, support her when she goes a little nuts. It’s ok. Just listen and offer her a hand, a tissue or an ear.

Don’t change your look too much
Yes, we know it’s not fair and not terribly reasonable but if you’re chosen to be a bridesmaid don’t go doing anything too drastic with your looks. Of course it’s your body but if you’re wearing a strapless, sleeveless bridesmaid dress, two full-length tattoo sleeves are going to change the look of the bridal party. Admittedly it will look way cooler but it may not be the look the bride is going for. Similarly if you have long hair and the bride is counting on it, don’t chop it off to a No.2 without at least discussing it with her.

Keep calm and carry on
No matter what happens, don’t lose your cool. Don’t snipe about the other bridesmaids, don’t panic if something goes wrong and, most importantly, on the big day, no matter who else freaks out, don’t let it be you. You’re supposed to be the bride’s rock, not someone who adds to her worries or gives her any stress. She should be able to turn to you in her time of crisis.

Be positive about the wedding
No matter how much you hate your bridesmaids dress or the groom, be positive about everything. That doesn’t mean lie it, just means support the bride in her decisions and look for the good side of everything. Your bride needs your support and even though true friends speak their mind and tell the truth a true friend also knows when the time is right to zip it, nod and smile.