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How to Pull Off a Stunning Dress on the Prom Night with a Petite Frame

2017 Sexy Lace Backless Long Chiffon Prom Dresses, High Neckline Halter Side Slit Prom Dresses, Evening Party Prom Dresses, PD0018When I am going to talk about this trend, it reminds me of my own school days. Yes, I was never known for my height. Rather, I had been that girl who always goes unnoticed because of her comparatively shorter frame. In fact, when all the girls used to seem attractive to everyone, I used to be the one who always seemed to be a kid.  That is why it used to be quite difficult for me to find the perfect dresses for a prom night.


But now, the time has changed. Designers are now experimenting with different kind of dresses for different body types. So, if you are a petite girl and thinking of the potential nerve-wracking experience of shopping for the cheap prom dresses, don’t worry about it. You have plenty of options. All you need to do is to know about the trends that will suit you best.

Now, you must be thinking what trends and tips are going to work for you, right? Take a look at the following points to know about them. I am sure they will be helpful enough for you to make your peers jealous and your date stunned with your grace.

Go for A-Line

This is the classiest silhouette that will suit your body type. You need to add up to the illusion of height. And nothing can work like wonder the way A-line dresses work. The fitted waist will flatter your curves and the flared skirt will hide your shorter legs giving an effect of height. If you find it stiflingly covered, choose one dress with thigh high slit.

Go for Train

Floor sweeping trains are the most elegant part of any timeless long dress. Choose one with off shoulder. It will not only make you look stunning, but will also make you look taller. The flowing fabric behind you will perfectly make up for your height. But, while choosing the train, be careful. Choose a length that will be just a few inches on the ground. The longer train might lose the impact.

Asymmetrical Hemline

This is the current trend in the fashion scenario all over the world. Asymmetrical hemlines are now in. So, bid adieu to the set structured look of the normal hemline. Asymmetrical will perfectly play peek-a-boo with your legs. Worried about shorter limbs? Don’t worry; as this attire will create the perfect balance in your look.

Go High over the Knees

If you are thinking of choosing shorter dresses, best choose the one that falls over your thighs. Don’t think of hemline to the knees, as it might make you look bulky and shorter. Such short dress will be the best choice to flaunt the legs. If you have got short yet toned legs, why don’t you show them off? Moreover, with shorter versions of prom dresses, you will get a chance of showing off your stunning footwear too.

Go for Plunge

After talking the skirt and waist, let’s talk about the top portion of a dress. Yes, I am going to tell you about the neckline. Choose a wide V neck, plunging neckline or one shoulder for your dress. The high or modest neck will make you look more petite. Such structured neckline will make your torso look taller.

So, now as you know how you can rock the prom with the best dress for your petite frame, what are you waiting for? Find a reputed store and get the dress now. Thank me later!