Information About Popular Wedding Styles Explained

Weddings seem to have a language of their own and, though by the time you walk down the aisle, you’ll know your bomboniere from your boutonnieres, the first terms you’ll need to get your head around are those relating to wedding themes. Here are some of the most popular wedding theme ideas explained.

And, yes, we’ve answered one of the most popular wedding questions: what’s the difference between rustic and vintage?

A classic or traditional wedding

A classic or traditional wedding is, often, quite a formal occasion which includes a sit-down three-course dinner at a reception.

Markers of such a wedding, typically, include the couple marrying in a church; the bride wearing a classically styled, usually princess ballgown-style wedding dress, in white, of course, as well as formal celebrations following the ceremony. The groom will wear a classic black tuxedo, and the groomsmen will generally wear a tuxedo also or a formal suit. The bridal party will usually consist of many members including flower girls, page boys, junior bridesmaids/groomsmen, ushers and ring bearers.

Formal celebrations that are prevalent in a classic or traditional wedding include professional wedding photos, the cutting of the cake, speeches, first dance, father-daughter and mother-son dances, and the garter and bouquet toss. If the couple are married in a church there may be further religious or cultural traditions that are incorporated into the ceremony also. For example, in some cultures, once the ceremony has commenced the bridal party will wait in a receiving line at the alter so that each and every guest present can come past one by one and congratulate the bridal party.

Contemporary elegance

A contemporary and elegant wedding is another formal occasion, and while it has the foundations of a classic and traditional wedding, it has a contemporary twist. The contemporary twist can be modern design choices such as a non-traditional wedding dress or non-traditional wedding venue, as well as a modern take on invitations, styling, flowers and decorations.

It is essentially a classic wedding with some elegant, yet trend-focused, styling choices, making the over all mood and theme a little more contemporary than it’s traditional counterpart.

Contemporary and elegant weddings may include all of the formalities that are present at a traditional wedding, such as a sit-down dinner and speeches. A contemporary and elegant wedding usually includes all the key players in the bridal party too, such as the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and page boys.

Vintage style

A vintage theme means that the styling for the wedding will be reminiscent of a bygone era. For example, most vintage style weddings make reference to the Victoria era, as well as the ’20s or ’40s. This theme is really expressed through the garments, hair and makeup worn by the bridal party, as well the venue styling, floral and decoration choices.

A vintage wedding may or may not include a sit-down dinner, however, a cocktail wedding is usually more applicable to a vintage theme as cocktail parties were all the rage in the roaring ’20s. Jazz music, vintage photo booths, vintage wedding cars and even a vintage style venue are all popular ways to enhance the vintage theme.

While a vintage wedding can be a formal occasion, it may not include all the traditional formalities or members of the bridal party.

Romantic vineyard

A vineyard wedding is usually a visual celebration of the beautiful, natural surroundings. The wedding ceremony might be held outdoors or indoors, and often the styling elements will reflect the surrounding landscape. A vineyard wedding usually mixes well with rustic elements and styling choices.

A vineyard wedding may have a focus on food, wine and local produce and therefore will usually be a sit-down dinner. A vineyard wedding may be as formal or as informal as the couple want, and key players in the bridal party are usually present.

Rustic wedding

A rustic wedding theme or style is a styling theme which is inspired by the simplicity of country life and references the outdoors. A rustic wedding usually incorporates rustic elements such as timber, metal and natural unstructured bouquets and flowers.

Rustic weddings are usually held, and tend to work best, in venues such as barns, sheds, vineyards and outdoors under a marquee or tree, and the reception will usually consist of a sit-down dinner. Some rustic weddings may have the ceremony and reception at the same location, or on the same property.

Some formalities may be present, however, a rustic wedding is typically quite relaxed and laid back, as opposed to being very formal. Couples may choose to have many bridal party members, just a few or even none.

On the beach

A beach wedding is typically a relaxed occasion, and often guests aren’t required to wear clothing that is too formal. Most beach weddings will include a ceremony on the beach and a reception to follow at a nearby venue.

The couple may opt to take a relaxed approach to their wedding attire, and some brides will even wear sandals or no shoes at all. A beach wedding may consist of a small or large bridal party, and some couples even choose to have an intimate beach ceremony with just a handful of close friends and family.

A beach wedding may be a cocktail or sit-down occasion, and may include as many or as little formalities as the couple choose.

DIY wedding

The term DIY means ‘do it yourself’, so a DIY wedding is essentially a wedding in which the couple have hand made many of the decorations, styling elements and even bomboniere. A DIY wedding is typically a smart casual occasion and may consist of a sit-down dinner or embrace a cocktail party style approach.

DIY weddings are a great way to keep costs down for couples who are budget conscious, and some DIY brides may even make their own bouquet, dress and even do their own hair or make-up. A DIY wedding may or may not include formalities, and the couple may choose as many or as few members of the bridal party as they desire.

Bohemian romance

A romantic Bohemian style wedding generally has a relaxed yet elegant vibe. This if often conveyed through the styling choices of the bride and her maids, as well as venue choice and location, decorations and style of ceremony.

Bohemian weddings usually incorporate an element of nature, whether that is the ceremony being held outside or greenery and floral decorations used to decorate an indoor location. Some Bohemian weddings tie in well with a beach setting too.

Industrial inspired

Industrial weddings are weddings that incorporate an industrial aesthetic. This is usually achieved through the choice of venue and the way it is styled. Industrial characteristics include raw textures and materials such as polished concrete, aged timber and exposed brick.

Industrial weddings can be both sit-down and stand-up cocktail affairs, depending on the venue and the couple’s preference. Moreover, an industrial wedding may be traditional in nature in terms of formalities and the bridal party, but is set in a non-traditional context.

A country or farm wedding is, predictably, a wedding which is held at a farm or in the country and is often styled to reflect the surroundings. Rustic styling and decorations often tie in well with a country theme, and country brides may wear boots and use trucks or Utes as wedding day transport in lieu of traditional wedding cars.

The difference between a rustic theme and a country theme is that while a rustic theme can be used in any setting, a country theme is, typically, limited to being held at a farm or country environment. Rustic styling is generally a stylised reference to the outdoors and country living, whereas country and farm weddings take a more literal rather than stylised approach.

Country weddings are usually sit-down occasions and may require a smart-casual to formal dress code. Bridal parties can include many members or few, and many traditional formalities may or may not be included, depending on the couples preference.

Garden or outdoors

A wedding that takes place in a garden or outdoors is generally a relaxed affair, however, they can range from requiring a smart-casual to a formal dress code.

Some couples choose to continue the celebrations outdoors and create a festival-inspired setting with the inclusion of food trucks and outdoor games, whereas other couples may choose to move the wedding to an indoor reception for a formal sit-down dinner and evening of formalities.

Glamorous and luxurious

Glamorous and luxurious weddings tend to be traditional weddings which are extravagantly decorated. Glamorous and luxurious weddings tend to be black tie occasions, and are often held at a church and reception venue. They are also very similar in nature to contemporary weddings, however, a glamorous wedding may be a more luxurious affair.

A glamorous and luxurious wedding may include styling elements that involve sparkle, metallic colours such as gold, silver, rose gold and copper, and stand out features like lush flower walls, opulent centrepieces and elegant invitations, styling and decor.

Glamorous weddings may have an element of regal or Hollywood glamour, and the bride may wear a gown which features lace or intricate embellishment, with well styled bridal party to match.

Glamorous weddings are sit-down occasions and they generally include all the formalities that a classic and traditional wedding has.

Here are some examples of a glamorous and luxurious wedding.


Fantasy themed weddings are, undoubtedly, the ultimate in wedding themes, and can be as creative and elaborate as the couple wish. Fantasy themes can be anything from steampunk to sci-fi, and a themed wedding theme usually involves costumes, decorations and a suitable venue that pays homage to the fantasy theme.

A themed wedding may or may not include traditional bridal party members and formalities, and may consist of a sit-down dinner or take a cocktail wedding approach.

Unique things to include in a garden wedding

While garden weddings naturally have a slightly more relaxed feel, they can still be just as glamorous, creative and stylish as any indoor wedding.

A garden wedding is a wedding ceremony/reception which takes place in a garden. Garden ceremonies are perfectly suited to couples who have a great love for the outdoors and the styling opportunities for a garden wedding are endless.

Here are eight things to include in a garden wedding.

The perfect ceremony backdrop
A ceremony backdrop can be anything from a flower wall, an arch, or man-made structure such as a pavilion or deck. The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing and decorating your backdrop.

A welcome sign
Make your friends feel welcome with a sign situated at the entrance to your ceremony. Something along the lines of ‘pick a seat, not a side, as we’re all family once the knot is tied’ is a popular choice of words.

Alternatively, you can simply write a welcome message such as, ‘welcome to the wedding of Lynn and Taylor’.

Flower bar
You’ve heard of lolly buffets and dessert tables, but flower bars are the next big thing. A flower bar is essentially an array of fresh flowers sprawled out on a table so that guests may peruse the blooms and create their very own take-home bouquets.

Guests can even use a flower bar to create their own flower crowns, corsages, or use the petals as confetti. Additionally, your flower bar can serve as your bomboniere too!

Beautiful styling and decorations
Wine barrels bursting with fresh flowers, fairy lights strung up on tree branches or flowers hanging in vintage bottles will add some creative flair to your chosen garden area.

Creative seating
Unconventional seating will add some character to your garden wedding style. Think picnic blankets, bales of hay, wooden crates and mismatched chairs and tables.

A food truck or drink station
Recent trends show that couples are opting to take a more relaxed approach to their wedding food. Whilst traditional catering options are still on the menu, novelty ways of serving food or serving culturally-themed food is becoming increasingly popular, particularity when in comes to outdoor weddings.

Popular options include food trucks that serve trendy street food, gelati stations, cocktail stations, wine and cheese stations, and gourmet barbecues.

Living bomboniere
Emphasize your garden wedding theme by giving your guests living bomboniere. Popular plant-based bomboniere options include mini terrariums, potted succulents or cacti.

Lawn games
Entertain your guests with some fun lawn games. Anything from lawn bowls, to ring toss, giant Jenga or croquet will keep them occupied, especially while you’re having your photos taken!

Some Alternative Wedding Centrepieces You’ll Love

Wedding reception centrepieces have evolved from being strictly-flowers to modern, ‘out of the bloom’ ideas. Non-traditional alternatives range from floating candles to DIY papier-mâché that complement the wedding theme and bring out the personality of the bride and the groom.

Get inspired by these unconventional and alternative wedding centrepieces below!

Seasonal fruits

Add a pop of color to every table by placing fresh fruits as centerpiece. To play with the texture of the fruits, serve them in different ways: whole, sliced, spread.


Here’s a fresh take on greenery. Succulents come in different shapes and sizes, and gives your tables that hip, vintage vibe. You can customize your succulent centerpiece by putting it on a patterned plate, a rustic pot or even crochet! There’s no detail too small in weddings.


There is no such thing as one-cake policy when it comes to weddings. Spread the love by using one-tier cakes in place of a floral centerpiece! To make it more personal, choose different flavors for each table and design your own wedding cake.


Oversized helium balloons add a bit of whimsy to a family-style wedding reception.


Tick off two boxes on your wedding checklist with one display like this. It serves as a table centrepiece and bomboniere at the same time! You can even DIY this centrepiece/bomboniere idea by getting all the items you need at Koch and Co.


If you’re looking for an elegant and fanciful centerpiece, try going for white, luxurious feathers like these.

Tropical leaves

Fresh cut tropical leaves placed in tall and sleek vases are perfect for a beach wedding or couples who just love the exotic tropics. This decor company can pull off this elegant look.

Fairy lights

One word: magical. Fairy lights housed in terrariums suit an evening wedding reception under the stars. If you’re looking for magical centerpieces, you can find them here.

Something personal

Tell a story with your centerpiece by adding a personal touch to it. If you’re into traveling, you can place a globe and a collection of postcards. If you’re music enthusiasts, you can place a record player with your favorite vinyls. And if you’re voracious readers, you can put copies of your favorite books on display.

Top 10 Unique Engagement Shoot Ideas

Whether it’s for save-the-date cards, wedding day props, guest souvenirs or simply something to frame in your future home, engagement photos are a great way to showcase the love, quirkiness and chemistry you share with your groom or bride-to-be.

So when brainstorming for a unique engagement shoot theme, you simply have to stick to things that speak a lot about the two of you. We’ve thrown in some ideas below to help make your engagement photo shoot uniquely yours.

How you met

It’s time to bring out the funny “first meeting” stories in your engagement photo shoot! Work around your modern “we matched on Tinder” romance or the good old “we met in the laundromat” story.

Take it to your weekend road trip

Your prenuptial shoot gives you the perfect excuse to be adventurous. Bring your photographers to your favourite road trip route and take amazing photos along the way.

Or visit an iceberg

You can also take your wanderlust a notch higher by actually going to a place you’ve never been to! Make sure to take the right photographer with you when you’re up for this kind of adventure. Life Studios Inc has done an incredible job in this shoot.

Recreate your first date

Who doesn’t want to relive and capture that first date night? Book the restaurant where you first dined in for a romantic engagement shoot.

Share your passion

Every couple has a passion they share. Whether it’s singing, dancing, painting, it makes for a nice prenuptial shoot theme. Case in point: the shot above.

Something news-worthy

Newspapers serve as a cool photo shoot background. Make it more personal by using old magazine and newspaper clippings you’ve collected over the years. Now all you need is a photographer who can capture beautiful moments such as the one above.

Geek out

It’s the perfect time to geek out and play dress up. This fictional character theme is one of the most fun to shoot.

Bring back childhood memories

A makeshift castle, a bottle of bubbles, a carton plane and you’re all set for a shoot that brings out the kid in you. Book this photography studio to capture your engagement photos perfectly.

Take the plunge

Nothing says bold and daring as an underwater photo shoot. Entrust this kind of shoot to a superb photographer like this studio.

Keep it sweet

If you’re a couple with a sweet tooth, set your pre-wedding photo shoot at your favourite dessert place!

The Best Historic Wedding Venues

Couples wanting to marry in a venue steeped in history are spoiled for choice, regardless of which state they live in. Here are 10 historic wedding venues: hotels, cottages – and even a castle – that have, in some cases, more than 100 years of weddings under their belts.

Built as a grand old family home between 1849 and 1958, Overnewton Castle is set amongst five acres of beautiful English gardens. It has its own wood-panelled chapel (which used to be a billiards room) and can cater for 150 sit-down guests or 240 for a cocktail events.

In the 160-odd years this magnificent home has stood, it has been a summer retreat, a convalescent home and, even, an Air Force hospital. It was restored in 2002 and, in addition to the beautiful old home, it sits aside a soaring new light-filled reception centre and can cater for wedding of between 20 and 230 guests.

Be it the sandstone courtyard or beneath the opulent Waterford chandeliers, regardless of where on this property you shoot your wedding photos, they are guaranteed to be spectacular – and more than a little romantic.

Located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, this heritage listed Victorian era building oozes old-world charm with its rich timber floors, exposed brick walls and, of course, historic furnishings.

Built in 1868, this was one of the very first homes in Australia to have electric lighting. Its architecture is said to have been inspired by the Lombardy region of Italy and dancing, especially your first dance, in its grand ballroom, which has housed so many of Melbourne’s high-society events, is magical!

Nestled amongst a dreamy, three-acre garden, the beautiful sandstone facade of this historic brewery shines against the glorious backdrop of Mount Wellington. Their team of on-site chefs will even match your wedding menu with their best beers.

Located in the Macdonald River valley, just 90 minutes from central Sydney, this tranquil venue has on-site accommodation for not just the couple but also guests. At the heart of this sprawling bushland venue is a mangificent, fully restored 1840s gothic church which makes for magnificent photographs.

Though, obviously, The Old Brewery was once a brewery, its was, thorughout its 139-year history, also a flour mill, a tannery and, even, a convict depot! Millions of litres of WA’s finest beer has flown through its pipes and still does, today.

Built by an English cabinet maker in the 1860s, this fully restored property still boasts a gabled iron roof over shingles, timber-framed mud-packed walls and the massive fireplace which has warmed many a traveller over the past century or so. It’s charming, peaceful and wonderfully Australian.

Meticulously restored, this historic hotel retains the elegant style of the early 1900s but marries it with the convenience of 21st century technology and amenities. It’s located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and has 340 rooms in which guests can stay.

Top 8 Things To Include In A Spring Wedding

As if the backdrop of heady weather and the sweet smell of flowers in bloom everywhere wasn’t enough? Here are 8 things to include in a Spring wedding to make it perfect.

Different coloured bridesmaids dresses look great in a Spring wedding, especially Chiffon. Chiffon is the perfect material for a Spring wedding because it’s lightweight and breaths. That means your bridesmaids won’t be weighed down by layers of thick fabric that is guaranteed to be heavy and lead to sweaty bods. Trust us, they’ll thank you for the thoughtful decision. The same goes for any flower girls, of course.

Wreaths and corsages
If you’re going to have a Spring wedding then flowers are a must but aside from the usual bouquets and buttonholes why not take the flower theming a whole lot further by adding floral wreaths and corsages? The floral wreaths can be worn in the bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ hair, while corsages can be worn by the mother of the bride and the groom. Add some beautiful artificial butterflies for authenticity.

Just as the girls will be wearing lightweight material the boys have a ‘Spring’ option as well. By choosing light coloured suits which reflect heat rather than the traditional black or dark blue suits which absorb it, you’ll be helping them stay cool during your very long Spring wedding day and night.

We adore the idea of creating a drinks station (or a menu) filled with refreshing and cooling drink options such as home-made lemonade, fruit punches and wonderfully flavoured ice teas. They’re all a little different from the typical wedding beverage options and couldn’t be suitable for a Spring wedding reception, could they? And, if you want to extend the theming to dessert, you could have an ice cream or gelati station complete with toppings of all kinds.

An outdoor dancefloor
Even if you’re having an outdoor Spring wedding ceremony, you’re probably still going to hold an indoor reception but if the weather is going to be fine hire an outdoor dancefloor so that guests can enjoy a dance or two beneath the twinkling stars. It is truly in keeping with the ultimate theme of your wedding – romance!

Think delicate pink cherry blossoms and layers of winding sugar roses or even real flowers to top off your wedding cake. Spring is no time for a cake that isn’t overflowing with flowers whether they are real or edible.

Creative seating
If your guests are going to be enjoying the sunshine let them do it in style. Tiffany chairs are nice but think big. Go for bales of hay draped in chic retro linen or bean bags for something less formal.

You cannot hold a Spring wedding without flowers! But as many brides order flowers based on their preferences or colour scheme rather than availability, it’s a good idea to choose flowers that are actually in season in your area in Spring. Not only are in-season flowers more affordable, they are so easy for your florist to access, you’ll be able to order many more than if you were ordering out-of-season flowers! This means Spring is the perfect time to use the budget-savings to indulge in all those typically costly ‘extra’ floral decorations such as suspended floral displays and gorgeous flower walls.